Investments and Value Creation in Global Sports

During the last 10 years, financial investors have gained power and influence within the global sports industry. In North America, several clubs have owners with a private equity background and within European football, many clubs are owned by financial investors, private equity companies or listed on the stock exchange.

However, despite this increased financialization, there are strong counter forces. Many sport clubs are driven by passionate interests where supporters want to maintain historical community identities and there are also public organizations on both state and city levels that have highlighted the risks of too much financialization. This tension between financial investments and passionate interests is at the core of this course. The recent failure of the European Super League project demonstrates that this is one of the most strategic issues within the global football community. We also see how the tensions between financial investments and passionate interests are discussed in relation to Olympic Games and other large sport events.

Faculty: Martin Carlsson-Wall

Course Date & Time

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