Investments and Value Creation in Global Sports

During the past 30 years, global sports have become "big business". Regardless of geographical continent in the world, many club owners have a financial background and see their investments in sports as a financial asset they want to make money on. However, despite this increased financialization, there are strong counter forces. Many sport clubs are driven by passionate interests where supporters want to maintain historical community identities. This tension between financial investments and passionate interests is at the core of this course. The recent failure of the European Super League project demonstrates that this is one of the most strategic issues within the global football community. We also see how the tensions between financial investments and passionate interests are discussed in relation to Olympic Games and other large sport events. Thus, this is a course for you that want to critically examine the central drivers of today's sports industry.


Course Date & Time

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 15:00-17:00 (Swedish time)(This is subject to change). Due to the availability of guest lectures, changes might occur. We will record all lectures digitally and post on the course website.