International Management

The course addresses the challenges of formulating and implementing business strategies in companies that are active on a global scale. As such it incorporates important recent developments in strategy research and practice bringing a broad perspective to issues of market strategies, business model innovation and digital business strategies in a global context. It challenges students with case-work and in-class discussion exercises that stimulate strategic decision-making in firms. 

The theory and key concepts of global management will be provided primarily by the course script and the assigned readings. Thus, each class will involve assigned readings and cases. Additionally, since the course assumes that skills gained in the classroom can transfer to the „real world“, there is a strong emphasis on the analysis of complex international business problems through the preparation and discussion of a variety of cases. 

Practically, by the end of this course, the student should possess an understanding of the process of globalization of companies, be acquainted with the current thinking and practices in formulation global strategies and able to evaluate globalization strategies. 

Faculty: Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow

Course Date & Time

Fridays, 18:30-21:45am, Beijng Time; no class 10/2 or 10/23Fridays, 18:30-21:45am, Beijng Time; no class 10/2 or 10/23