Integrating AI in Marketing Practice

The essence of Marketing is understanding consumers' needs and matching them to products and services. Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other intelligent marketing tools can dramatically improve these core activities. This course aims to empower students to understand the opportunities that AI creates for marketing and to learn how to integrate AI technologies into the traditional approach to marketing phenomena and consumer experience. The course addresses main topics related to AI such as the role of AI in marketing and society, AI technology’s potential and practical application, the effect of AI in automating (easing) marketing decision-making, and ethical implications. Learning objectives will be reached by a mixed approach. Mandatory readings and written materials will be available before each class to present students with the theoretical essential knowledge about AI and how it applies to marketing and consumer behavior. Case studies, group projects, and collaborative discussions during classes will engage students in interactive debates and will help them develop their ability to design an effective AI marketing strategy and apply it to real-world situations and real business challenges. As the emphasis of the course is to support students to become familiarized with essential AI knowledge in Marketing, it will focus on a set of AI applications including market analysis, content creation and personalization, virtual assistance, and chatbots. It is important to note that the course will not cover the entire spectrum of AI applications in marketing and does not aim at developing technical programming abilities. The primary aim is to inspire students to unleash their creativity and innovative spirit, harnessing the power of AI technologies to elevate marketing strategies and reshape consumer experiences.

Faculty: Ramona De Luca

Course Date & Time

Tuesday, 7pm - 8:50pm (São Paulo, Brazil time)