Innovative China: towards sustainable growth (DATE: June 11-15, 2024)

NOTE: Due to the national holiday "Dragon Boat Festival" on Monday, June 10, Fudan University will host the GNW module from Tuesday, June 11-Saturday June 15.

A notable consumer-driven transformation is occurring in China. Leapfrog innovation is evident in many business areas including e-commerce, cashless payments, artificial intelligence and high-speed 5Gmobile networks. Steady advances in digitalization transformation and internet services are disrupting traditional commercial activities, enabling new business models. New start-ups and unicorns are flourishing in the present entrepreneurship climate. The prevailing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems shall sustain China’s growth after its phenomena success of forty-year economic reform. The ability to understand China’s unique environment and its opportunities as well as challenges is an essential element of “global contextual leadership” — understanding the uniqueness of China but also understanding innovation practices of interest for the rest of the world. The intent of this week-long module is to equip today’s elite EMBA’s with “global contextual leadership” to maximize the benefits for their enterprises and for themselves.

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