Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our course is taking place at a very special moment in the world's history where unimaginable opportunities for new thinking is ripe and the status quo is rendered obsolete by a vicious pandemic.  Together we meet this moment to pose questions about what it means to be bring about innovation and entrepreneurship in any setting, what is the mindset required, and what are the entrepreneurial actions involved in pursuing opportunities.  
Entrepreneurship is not limited to flashy unicorns and new startups and innovation is not limited to technological breakthrough- technology is any better way of doing something-. Thus, both could unfold in any setting: new to the world ventures, established organizations, public ones, family firms, sustainable and non-profit companies.
In Innovation and Entrepreneurship students will have a deep exposure to the entrepreneurial process to learn how to identify opportunities and transform them into viable businesses. Specifically, we will look at how to generate ideas that give rise to relevant problems, how to link these problems to customers, and how to design business models that deliver value and impact amidst extreme uncertainty and limited resources.  These are vital questions to any enterprise regardless its form or size.   
So even if being a founder or becoming an investor or advisor in the start-up world is not your desired pursuit, you will often be tapping into the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial process as you encounter the necessity to change, do new things, and navigate uncertainty in personal and professional endeavors.  

Faculty: Sondos Abdelgawad


Course Date & Time

Saturdays 16.30 - 17.50 (Madrid Local Time) with online forum discussions during the week. The online discussion forums during the week are on your own schedule and text based discussions.