Implementing Strategy

This course provides students with applied, critical thinking and application skills for effective strategy implementation. With a focus on a spectrum of principles and features that influence strategy execution, it helps develop practical insights into organisational transformation. The course aligns with the content of other strategy courses, but focuses on the spectrum of issues to translate strategy implementation, detailing how organisations can achieve sustained effectiveness with both their current challenges and future possibilities. In this context, the course deals with themes on the strategic process of managing for change, redesigning structure, human capital and talent management, and smart responses to technology. The course challenges students to think critically and develop useful insights about the concepts and principles on making better strategy.

Course Date & Time

This course will be mostly asynchronous with a total estimated commitment of approximately 150 hours, including self-paced study, online interaction and participation, reflection and assessments. There will be some interactive assignments, so it is important to stay on schedule, even though the schedule is flexible.