Hong Kong's evolving role in Greater China and Asia

“Hong Kong connects Greater China with the rest of the world”. While pundits and practitioners might universally accept this statement, they would also emphasize that the meaning of a “connection” has been evolving rapidly and profoundly. Since its 1997 return to Chinese sovereignty, Hong Kong has become something different from what it used to be -- while Hong Kong was founded as a gateway into China, it has evolved more and more into a springboard out of China. Today, mainland Chinese firms are increasingly leveraging Hong Kong as a base for expanding overseas, not only using Hong Kong's capital markets to raise the capital needed for this expansion but also managing and operating their overseas operations. In this course, you will investigate how Hong Kong’s uniquely cosmopolitan culture, institutions, and social networks facilitate the emergence of Chinese corporations into the world, and how this has is creating new business opportunities not only in Hong Kong but across the entire region.   See syllabus