Greasing the Wheels of Digital Transformation to Stimulate Post-Pandemic Growth and to Grasp Industry 4.0

The Covid-19 outbreak has coerced companies in all industries and regions to redesign their business models. The lack of ability to do in-person businesses has made companies to leverage innovative technology to remain engaged with their customers and clients. Even tough information technology has become an essential part of most companies prior to the pandemic, the large-scale social distancing restrictions and more technologically advanced societies have sped up the digital transformation in many aspects immensely. It is also believed that the 4th industrial revolution, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems and cloud computing, are accelerated during the corona virus crisis. 

Nevertheless, successful digital business transformations are rare. Hence, it is alluring to learn from companies that were succeed in embracing new technologies. The intriguing questions are: what are company’s characteristics needed to unlock success in digital transformations? What kind of digital transformation is happening within their companies and how it contributed to the survival of the business? It is also appealing to find out whether the companies have employed the industry 4.0 technologies to help them thrive and grow.

The GNAM Week program will be presenting speakers from various background – academics, business people and policy makers – to provide answers to the above-mentioned questions. The sessions allow participants to ask questions and explore digital transformations adopted by companies in order to enhance business agility and resilience. At the end of the program, participants are assigned to a team to work on a group project to apply insights and concepts learned during the program.