Global Strategic Management

The module aims to provide participants with the basic theoretical knowledge, skills, and sensitivities that will help them deal effectively with key management issues and challenges in today’s global business environment. We intend to explore the major issues and challenges facing companies with worldwide operations as seen by the managers themselves. We will address the following issues:
1. Motivations for firms to globalize 2. Circumstances under which globalization may not be a useful strategy 3. Global versus regional strategy 4. How can global firms compete in emerging markets? 5. ‘Global challengers’ from emerging markets 6. Different ‘types’ of global strategy 7. Specific aspects of global strategy: market selection, pace of expansion and mode of entry selection. 8. The organizational challenges in implementing global strategies
Each of these areas poses the multi-disciplinary issues that are the hallmark of the general manager’s job. The module will offer plenty of opportunities for students to: bring their diverse perspectives and experiences; solve complex business problems; and build on the knowledge acquired in several previous functional modules.

Faculty: Assoc. Prof. Nitin Pangarkar

Course Date & Time

Fridays, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. (Singapore time); no class February 26.