Global Practices and China Specifics: Internet Platform and Its Ecology Strategies in China

Internet, Internet+ and broad adoption of Internet-based platforms as well as social networks have been reshaping the economy greatly. Accordingly, various competitive strategies that worked for conventional business are no longer suitable for the new Internet economy with strong network effect and information transparency. This course is designed for managers in the Internet era to rethink about their business strategy for success in online efforts.
Driven by typical industrial cases, this course examines the specialties of network economy and featured platform theory as well as competitive strategies applied in the Internet economy, which includes platform design strategies, pricing strategies, competition strategies and governance strategies. This course applies theory-based reasoning to analyze and explain different strategies adopted by platform companies under various situations in the network economy. This course further explores new business opportunities and corresponding competitive strategies and student are encouraged to implement various competitive strategies under real business circumstances to build competitive advantages.
Through course learning and discussion, students will learn to understand online business and offline business in an integrated business framework, take advantage a two-sided network platform to reshape business, use various pull strategies in platform promotion and design core features, interactions, metrics and governance to enhance platform competitiveness.

Course Date & Time

Fridays, 19:00-22:30 p.m. Shanghai time; No class in the week of October 7