Global Economy of the Luxury Industry

HEC Paris France

This Economics course is a foundational class about the luxury sector's data, features and trends.
The course covers global market figures and data: from the breakdown of the "Six Sectors" to the category segmentations; from the evolution of the PLG market to complete review of yearly global product-classes performances and margin-building techniques. For each category within the PLG (Fashion, Accessories, Watches, Jewelry, Cosmetics), current economic and industrial trends will also be explained. 

Course Date & Time

Every Thursdays from 7PM to 8.30PM (E.T. New York time); No class on October 31st 2024.

Please note that clocks turn back one hour in many countries in Europe on October 27, and in the US on November 3, class may be one hour later in some time zones after November 3.