The Global City After COVID

Global Network Week March 15 - 19, 2021

School: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Course Title: The Global City After COVID

Faculty: Professor Joon Nak CHOI


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Not so long ago, huge amounts of wealth, power, and knowledge flowed into cities like New York and Hong Kong. The most talented people crowded into their diverse neighborhoods, seeking culturally unique experiences and driving real estate prices ever higher. Today, these trends seem to have inverted. Many of the same people who had sought to build lives and careers in the global cities are now fleeing contagion-inducing density, social unrest, and empty storefronts. Does this exodus represent a fundamental shift?

In other words, has 2020 really unraveled the long-term trends that built global cities into such dominant social, cultural, and economic locales? In this module, we will speculate upon post-COVID life and work in the global cities from a wide variety of perspectives ranging from the economic to the epidemiological.