The Future of Food: International Perspectives / An Irish Experience

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“The Future of Food: International Perspectives / An Irish Experience”

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School


14 – 18 June 2021

Prof. Damien McLoughlin

Anthony C. Cunningham Professor of Marketing


Programme Overview


Meet the Changemakers in Global Food and Agribusiness

Across the private and public sectors, large and small organisations, mature and fast-growing economies, leaders are facing the challenge of how to feed 9 billion people in 2050, while at the same time negotiating unprecedented change.

These changes include escalating demands from consumers unwilling to pay for change, retailers without a viable economic model in the face of digital, a farming sector lagging in digitisation, significant negative attention from policy makers and citizens regarding the environmental impact of industry activity.

Opportunities abound in the unprecedented opportunity to feed billions of new global consumers, to use food to improve the well-being of every citizen on the planet and to spend the wall of capital flooding into global agribusiness and food from external investors.

Programme objectives

Participants will acquire a new and comprehensive understanding of the strategy issues facing the global food and drink industry and understand how these are driving changes in company strategy and national policy. Lessons will be illustrated through a series of structured experiences with Irish food producers and deep dives with senior executives and national policy makers in the Irish food and drink area.

What can you expect?

This module will cover eight cases studies of leaders who are leading change in global agribusiness. In each case the leaders focussed on in the case study will join the discussion and explain their perspective on how change is occurring for their organisation and how they see the future for their firm and industry.

 While the cases and speakers make this module of specific interest to those working, or with a specific interest, in the food and agribusiness chain, the range of topics covered and the leadership perspective taken also makes this module one of general interest to those with ambitions in consulting, investment, private equity and entrepreneurship.