Fundamentals of User Experience & Designing User Experience for Extended Reality

This five-days seminar aims to teach students about fundamentals of user experience along with its application to designing extended reality (Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality) experiences. The seminar consists of two mini-courses focusing on these distinct topics.

Mini-course 1: Fundamentals of User Experience

Instructor: Aykut Coşkun,

Course description: Foundations of user experience (UX); definition of key terms and concepts. Introduction to UX research. Formative and summative user studies. An overview of user research methods used in UX. Introduction to UX design process and principles.

Mini-course 2: Designing experiences for Extended Reality

Instructor: Asım Evren Yantaç,

Course description: Foundations of Extended Reality (XR) - Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality - technologies and experiences; definition of key terms and concepts. History and state-of-the-art in XR hardware and software. A walk through of XR cases from different fields; industry, healthcare, learning, culture, etc. Stages of XR design process.

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