Foreign Policy Analysis for Business Leaders

This course aims to examine business government relations in a rapidly changing international context. As learning outcomes, the students will be able to (1) identify shapeholders (i.e. social actors) that affect business risks and opportunities; (2) understand main global and regional trends in international politics; (3) analyze the major contours, concepts, and issues of foreign policy analysis with a particular focus on Turkish Foreign Policy in the post-Cold War era, which are relevant for business leaders. The goal is to provide the students with a better understanding of the key issues and regions through a comprehensive analysis of the conduct and changing priorities in a turbulent regional and global setting. Within this context, the impact of international developments on policy decisions, domestic and foreign policy linkages, the role of key figures and organizations, and the interaction of political, economic, cultural and military factors in foreign policy making and their significance for business leaders will be examined. There will be a special emphasis on relating foreign policy analysis with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Course Date & Time

May 20-22 15:00-17:30 PM (Istanbul Time Zone)  May 24 18:30-21:00 PM (Istanbul Time Zone)