Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation

Welcome to Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation! The course is premised on an integration of concepts from financial accounting with concepts from corporate finance. It starts with an examination of the principles of financial statement analysis as a means of understanding a company's historical performance, value generating ability, and financial position. These principles include the cash flow statement, strategic reformulation of financial statements, and ratio analysis. The course looks also into the challenges to financial statement analysis resulting from growing importance of intangible assets in the economy. The course then proceeds to develop a set of financial modeling tools for understanding future cash flow as a driver of equity value. It employs the cash-flow based valuation models for analysis and valuation of both listed and unlisted companies. The course is most useful to students interested in pursuing careers in finance in such fields as mergers and acquisitions, private equity, capital markets, equity research, venture capital, corporate development, and others.

Faculty: Martin Miszerak

Course Date & Time

10 sessions, March 23 - May 25 (Tuesdays), 18:30-21:00 hrs. (Beijing time)