Europe at a Crossroads: The Economy and Sustainability in the Wake of the Pandemic

The world hit a crossroads with Covid which may change many aspects of our economic lives. IE Business School’s Global Network Week will explore the outlines of that transformation as it begins to evolve, especially focusing on the heightened attention to sustainability issues and how those are being addressed in Europe in this changed environment.


In the approach to this topic, students will explore the following concepts:

  • the global economic context and how it has changed in the wake of the pandemic
  • specific effects of the pandemic and its containment on the European economy
  • previous and potential approaches to sustainability in the region and
  • prospects for long-term growth and how sustainability will play a role.


The weeklong program will include insights from academic and corporate experts, as well as teambuilding among participants, through a mix of real-time and asynchronous programming.  Working together in assigned groups, students will make a presentation on a determined topic at the end of the week.


Course timing:

**Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12:00 PM Madrid local time (12.00 – 16:50)

**Tuesday and Thursday:  2:00 PM Madrid local time (14:00 -18:00)