Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in China

A series of global crises, including COVID-19, climate change and biodiversity loss, has vividly revealed the fragility of global economic systems and stark societal inequalities between and within most countries. To accelerate the transition of business from the sources of global problems towards their solutions, governments and societies have stepped up the regulations and expectations on the business concerning environmental, social and governance (ESG). This has in turn highlighted the interlinkage between sustainability, ESG risk management and long-term value creation of companies.

This course aims at equipping the next-generation business leaders with knowledge and competence to navigate the rapidly evolving ESG landscape, effectively assess and manage the rising ESG risks and opportunities, and seek long-term value creation by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders and society at large. ESG originated in the corporate practice in Western countries and more recently started to take root in rapidly industrializing countries such as China. A unique feature of the course is its focus on the nascent but rapid development of ESG in China. The lectures highlight the uptake and trends of ESG in China; both group projects and individual student assignments must be concerned with the China-originated companies.

Case teaching is at the heart of the course to enhance experiential learning. All the teaching cases will focus on the ESG practices in the greater China.

Faculty: SHI Han

Course Date & Time

Alternative Sundays (Sep 3, 17, Oct 8, 22) 0900 - 1230 & 1400 - 1730 (GMT +8)