Entrepreneurism and Business Growth - Thriving in Turbulent Times

The world is entering a new economic normal post Covid-19. Indeed, Covid-19 has accelerated the role of digital technology in changing consumer and business behavior. Many existing businesses went obsolete and being turned down, while on the other hand, new business models being introduced to the market. At the same time, consumer interactions and preferences have shifted to digital. Social media networks bring small-medium enterprises have the same opportunity as large corporations to compete in the marketplace. However, such opportunities pose some challenges as well.  Entrepreneurial character, thus, becomes imperative for those who want to survive and win in this turbulence. The question arise is what could business players and entrepreneurs do to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges in these turbulent times?”
Specifically, further elaboration needs to be taken such as:

  • How to identify changes in today's business environment?
  • What sort of characters entrepreneurs need to have to cope with these turbulent times?
  • What roles can policy makers as well as other stakeholders in the ecosystem do in participating for creating a conducive equilibrium?

At GNAM Week program, those above questions will be addressed through presentations and discussions led by key academics, businesspeople and policy makers. By learning from inspiring and delightful speakers about their experience from entrepreneurial mindset, participants will gain insights and knowledge regarding the impacts of green strategies on productivity and performance. At the end of the program, participants are assigned to a team to work on a group project to apply insights and concepts learned during the program.