Driving Digital Innovation in Africa: Perspectives from an Emerging Economy (Nigeria)



GNAM Week Programme Outline: October 18-22, 2021


Digital Innovation in Africa: Perspectives from an Emerging Economy (Nigeria)

Lead Facilitator: Dr Marvel Ogah

Email: mogah@lbs.edu.ng


  1. Programme Synopsis and Objectives

This program will focus on the impact of digital innovation in Africa; it would give participants the opportunity to explore and learn how digitization is driving the frontiers of innovation in emerging economies by leveraging on the perspectives of Nigerian business organisations. It would also provide a platform for participants to gain insight into the how different industries from selected sectors in Nigeria are using digital innovation to curate their processes towards driving unique value proposition to their customers and significant stakeholders in Africa. 

The program would be relevant to industry practitioners because it would explore how indigenous organisations in Africa are harnessing the power of technology and digital platforms in providing unique value propositions for their customers in tandem with complementary adaptation inherent in their respective value chains.

In summary, this program would offer participants the following:

  • An experience of replicable and digital business models in emerging economies within the context of an evolving business paradigm.
  • A toolkit for crafting digital orientated strategies in emerging markets as applicable to varied business sectors inclusive of SMEs and multinationals.
  • High-level networking and exchanges within the digital business community of the world's fastest-growing city of Lagos.
  • An opportunity to build consulting skills via engagement with major stakeholders in the emerging digital ecosystem.


  1. Programme Outline:

The five-day program would explore the following topics and activities:


Day 1:  Virtual Sessions: Lecture & Discussion,  and Interactive  Panel with Industry Experts from relevant organisations operating in the digital ecosystem.

  • Understanding the nature of the Nigerian digital ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities in 2021 & beyond.
  • Leveraging on emerging digital platforms in driving innovative solutions across various sectors in Africa.
  • Driving the digital process from an emerging economy to global perspective in the new normal.
  • An interactive session with executives of selected organisations in Africa.
  • A discussion question will be posted on the LMS platform ( Asynchronous activity) for GNAM participants.

Day 2:  Virtual Trips to selected organisations operating in the digital ecosystem.

  • Group-based learning  of selected organisations ( SMEs, services, manufacturing etc)
  • Group-based reflections after the virtual learning trip session.
  • Games

Day 3 and 4:  Virtual Consultation with Selected Organisations operating in the digital ecosystem.

  • Groups will spend two days consulting virtually with selected organisations / industries in the digital ecosystem.
  • Games, Culture & People, and Entertainment slots.
  • A discussion question for reflection will be posted on the LMS platform (Asynchronous activity) for GMAM participants, at the end of activities from day 2 -4.

Day 5: Program Wrap-up: Guest CEO session, Group presentations and Presentations of Certificates.  

  • Groups will present the preliminary findings from the consulting project to CEOs of the selected organisations.
  • Meet-the- CEO session
  • Award of Certificates
  • Online social networking
  1. Pedagogy/Design/Methodology
  1. Synchronous and asynchronous delivery of content.
  2. Deep immersion into Nigerian digital economy, digital industry expert session, consulting sessions with selected entrepreneurs operating in the digital ecosystem.
  3. Credit Unit: 1.5
  1. Core Programme Faculty


Relevant Expertise

Dr Marvel Ogah

  • Alternate Director, MBA programs, full-time faculty, Operations Management.

 Dr Adeola Ogechi

  • Associate Professor, full-time faculty, Digital Marketing.

 Raymond Onuoha

  • Raymond Onuoha is a Technology Policy Fellow at the Lagos Business School (LBS), where his research focuses on the institutional and policy challenges in the evolution of the digital economy and technology innovation in developing countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.



*The readings and videos would be mounted on LBS Learning Management System. Access information will be made available to participants via emails.


  1. Personal profiles of faculty and CEOs would be available on LBS LMS  E-learn.
  2. Watch previous GNAM week video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoVRefCROCc
  3. The LBS Dress Code


  1. Session 1:  Understanding the nature of  Nigerian digital economy from an African perspective: Challenges and Opportunities in 2021 & beyond

Pedagogy: Lecture and Discussion

Readings: 1.  To be made available

Facilitator:  Dr Adeola Ogechi

  1. Session 2: Thriving in the digital ecosystem: Driving the imperatives from an emerging economy to a global context.

     Pedagogy: Interactive Panel Session with Industry Experts from organisations operating in the digital environment.

     Moderator for Panel Discussion: Mr Raymond Onuoha.


Daily session schedules (GMT +1): 13.00 – 18.00.


Grades in this course will be based on experiential learning reports (20%), group presentation of preliminary findings of the consulting project (40%), final brief of the consulting project (40%).