Digital Transformation: Using Emerging Tech to Develop Business Opportunities

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Information technology has transformed the ways in which firms compete, having become an important factor in management decisions at all levels of business. Our economy is sometimes referred to as the "digital economy", which is indicative of the pervasive nature and the critical role of technology in business strategies and operations.

This course will help to analyze the application of technology in its wider sphere of social transformational drivers, and to apply that in your own sphere of influence. It is aimed to cover the following objectives:
• To analyze what Digital Transformation means and how it affects society, industries and individuals.
• To identify and understand the economic and technological factors that are at the heart of the digital revolution taking place in the economy.
• To manage and lead product and service innovation initiatives in the digital space, assessing strategies and plans for managing the risks—and exploiting the opportunities—associated with Digital Transformation.


Approximately 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. (Madrid time) each day.