Digital transformation for sustainability: crafting a digital strategy to create a sustainable business

The last pandemic has accelerated technology roles in reshaping consumer and business interactions. Technology has transformed how the business operates and competes and has become critical in business strategies and operations. Likewise, society calls for companies to be more responsible, accountable, and sustainable. These phenomena have become a crucial factor in all levels of management decisions. Businesses in every sector need to respond, navigate new challenges, and embrace novel ways of organizing to realize their value proposition. The question now is, “how do we craft a digital strategy to create a sustainable business?” We will discuss digital transformation and the changing understanding of socially responsible, sustainable, and impact-driven businesses. The discussion will provide insights into ethical, economic, and technological factors at the heart of digital strategy for sustainable businesses. At the GNAM Week program, we will address the above questions through presentations and discussions led by key academics, businesspeople, and policymakers. In addition, we will also visit different sites in Jogjakarta, such as Dowa market and Prambanan/Borobudur temple, to see how sustainability is intertwined with the local culture. By learning from inspiring and delightful speakers about their experiences, participants will gain insights and knowledge regarding the digital strategy for sustainable business. At the end of the program, participants are assigned to a team to work on a group project to apply insights and concepts learned.

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