Digital Marketing

Marketing dollars have shifted from mass media to digital media. The course covers how to prepare a digital marketing strategy, what are the key conceptual frameworks in digital marketing and how to leverage the different platforms in digital marketing. It includes understanding of consumer behavior in the online world; the psychological influences shaping peoples’ behavior online and how marketers can influence the online behavior. The course includes not just the theory but also application of digital marketing. Students will be able to internalize the learning by running live campaigns in Google Ads. Dashboards, tools, applications will be used live in the classroom to make the course contemporary, relevant and experiential.

The course is comprehensive covering all facets of digital marketing: search engine marketing;
social media strategy; content strategy; algorithms of key platforms such as Instagram, YouTube,
Facebook ads, Google ads; Search engine optimization; analytics and optimization; and Consumer behavior. The pedagogy is experiential focusing on both theory as well as application. Students get to run live campaigns for a startup and act as consultants advising the start up in improving their digital marketing.

Faculty:  Seema Gupta

Course Date & Time

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 sessions each day-4:30-5:45 pm and 6-7:15 pm (Indian Standard time)