Digital Finance: World Trends and Opportunities

The international financial system is in experiencing tremendous wave of innovations. In particular the growth of  Digital Finance, the use of digital channels to provide financial services, has been so fast, and widespread that one wonders where these developments will lead to.  The boundaries careful  set by type of financial  intermediary are being blurred, disintermediation is rampant. Examples range from peer to peer  (P2P) lending, use of blockchain in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, Robo Advisors and Wealth Management.  The   main purpose of the course is to sharpen our  strategic and analytical abilities to understand how  business opportunities take shape  and  how they are framed to raise capital  Since the financial sector  has the potential to unwind  an economic crisis we will also learn about the role of  economic policy. 

Faculty: Luis A. Hernandez-Aramburo

Course Date & Time

Mondays and Wednesdays, 7am-8:30am Mexico Central Time (CST). No class on February 5th.