Digital Business Transformation

IMD Switzerland

Digital Transformation continues to be a priority for organizations today; most businesses are busy deploying digital technologies, reinventing their business models with these technologies, and disrupting their market positions.

This course serves as an introduction to digital business transformation. It starts by identifying its critical components, and helps participants build their own roadmap through introducing a framework they can use to understand how companies should evolve to extract the most value from digital technologies and business models.

The learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Understand the different types of value digital transformation can create, and the necessary components that need to put in place to enable that value creation,
  • Recognize the critical role governance mechanisms and culture play in making digital transformation a success,
  • Recognize the importance of leadership skills and analyze which behaviours lend themselves better to leading digital transformation,
  • Debate what challenges the future of digital transformation may include, and experience the challenges caused by lack of prioritization in cybersecurity as well as digital ethics.