The Creativity Business in Africa: an immersion into the creative industry in Nigeria

This program will focus on the business of creativity in Africa, and participants would use creative industries as a unique context to showcase how creativity is transformed into an innovative business opportunity. It would also provide a platform for the participants to study different creative industries where they can help industry practitioners to come up with strategic roadmaps. A program of this nature is relevant since it will provide a unique opportunity to showcase how organisations in the creative industry are using innovative and indigenous means to drive value to their stakeholders within emerging economies in Africa. In summary, this program would offer participants the following:

  • A novel experience of replicable creative models in emerging economies within the context of a new normal
  • A toolkit for crafting creative strategies in emerging markets as applicable in the entertainment, music,  film, arts, fashion, and media sectors.
  • High-level networking and exchanges with the creative business community of the world's fastest-growing city of Lagos.
  • An opportunity to build consulting skills via engagement with major stakeholders in the creative industry.