Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy in Africa

The course integrates corporate strategy and economic policy making and implementation as a strategic approach to maximize the positive social economic transformation underway on the continent of Africa. Although, the economies of Africa are not without challenges, yet samples of socio-economic indicators confirm that the continent is more attractive for global business than ever. For example, among the compelling indicators making the continent attractive are presented as follows. A continent with the youngest population, one that is among the fastest growing economies of the world, one of the most profitable regions of the global world and a continent with economic growth prospects that are among the worlds’ brightest. This course draws on strategic management and development economics fields. As a result of the competitive and the fast-changing pace of the present global marketplace, managing strategically has become an indispensable management tool to survive, remain profitable and sustainable in the global market place. Consequently, the course integrates corporate strategy with economic policy management to examine the strategic choice of African and African based multinationals. The course focuses the tools for contextualizing corporate strategy in Africa in the light of economic policy making and implementations on the continent. The course will also cover topics such as corporate strategy, economic policy, core principles and concepts as well as theories and conceptual frameworks for analyzing corporate strategies and economic policies in Africa.

Faculty: Prof. Obi Berko Damoah