Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Business models are rapidly becoming obsolete due to dramatic changes in competition, demographics, technology and consumption patterns. Life of big corporations is getting shorter. It is imperative to introduce the entrepreneurial and innovation mindset to big companies.
Entrepreneurship activity is not solely for startups, inside well-established companies the process has to be implemented, adopted and disseminated among employees to challenge the status quo, just for the sake of survival and growth.
This course introduces the entrepreneurial mindset to companies. It introduces new techniques to identify and develop cutting-edge products and/or services within large organizations to create an entrepreneurial culture within organizations based on meritocracy.
The course will make the students learn how to identify and validate problems, how to validate a product-market fit and a business model fit for new endeavors started by big companies. Students will learn how to look for financing alternatives and to deal with organizational bureaucracy and resistance to change.
With a series of techniques, the course will help students to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of any organization. Building internal startup teams, testing, experimenting, failing and learning, the students will apply the new startup way (quoting Eric Ries) inside big corporations to transform them into Modern Companies.

Faculty: Fernando Moya, Jose Manuel Maraboto, Felix Cardenas, Alfonso Ávila, and Ernesto Amores

Course Date & Time

Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:00am - 9:30am (Mexico Central Time) CDT.