The Changing Business Environment

HEC Paris France

This class is designed to provide participants with a toolbox that can help them navigate an increasingly hotter, crowded, polarized and unstable global environment – and to help them surf on the political, economic, business, social and environmental transformations of the next decade.

The premise of this class is simple: you never make a business decision in a vacuum – be it political, geopolitical, social, environmental or technological. The better you understand your business environment, the better placed you are to formulate the business problem you’re trying to solve. And the better positioned you are to identify the type of transformation you, your business or your activity, or even your industry (or the industry you are advising) needs to go through in order to meet its objectives. This class is designed to help you develop the appropriate toolbox and the appropriate change-making skills to rebuild and reinvent obsolete business models in a wide range of industries. Even in a world that is deeply changing, you can still have impact so long as you give yourself the means to harness and even influence global and business dynamics, as impressive as they might look on paper.

In fact, no matter where you are coming from, this is likely to matter for you, even in the very near future. If you are a consultant, this can help you determine what is likely to make some business models more successful than others, and what approaches are likely to be disrupted in this business environment. This is especially true for a consultant advising industries that are ripe for change because the traditional way they function may not be sustainable anymore.

If you are working in a big company, this can help you transform the way the business and the industry operate so as to create more value not only for shareholders and consumers, but for society as a whole as well. Focusing more on shared value as a game-change will not mean forgoing profit, but fundamentally changing the equation you rely on to maximize profits.

If you are a banker, this can help you identify the relevant trends shaping the most meaningful risks and opportunities in tomorrow’s markets. In fact, many finance experts point to the fact that a new world means new rules, especially in terms of risk assessment. In the banking industry, relying on a non-conformist view of a sector can empower you to better uncover opportunities that more conventional and traditional approaches may overlook.

And if you are an entrepreneur, this can help you identify opportunities in areas that are ripe for disruption. You may in particular be able to create new business opportunities by fixing broken systems that have become unsustainable for a wide range of political, social and environmental reasons.

Faculty: Jeremy Ghez

Course Date & Time

all in Paris time

Monday October 3:  9h40-11h10

Friday October 7:  9h40-12h50 and 14h00-17h00

During the week of October 10:  3 hours of asynchronous course

Friday October 14:  9h40-11h10

Week of October 17:  3 hours of asynchronous course

Friday October 21:  09h40-11h10

Friday October 28: 09h40-11h10