The Changing Business Environment

HEC Paris France

The premise of this class is simple: you never make a business decision in a vacuum. A wide range of political, geopolitical, social, environmental or technological forces influence your business environment. The better you understand your business environment, the better placed you are to formulate the business problem you're trying to solve. And the better positioned you are to identify the type of transformation you, your business or your activity, or even your industry (or the industry you are advising) needs to go through in order to meet its objectives. This class is designed to help you develop the appropriate toolbox and the appropriate change-making skills to rebuild and reinvent obsolete business models in a wide range of industries. Even in a world that is deeply changing, you can still have impact so long as you give yourself the means to harness and even influence global and business dynamics, as impressive as they might look on paper.

Course Date & Time

all in Paris time

Oct 13, 9.40-11.10 Paris time;

Oct 18, 9-12 (OR the day before for participants in the Americas during the day) and 2-5;

Oct 27, 9.40-11.10;

Nov 10,  9.40-11.10; Nov 15,  9.40-11.10.

In addition, two asynchronous sessions.

Final assignment due on Nov 29.