Changemakers in Global Food & Agribusiness

"The future of the food industry is not clear but the important vectors of change are: new technologies of production and distribution, globalisation of supply and demand, seemingly contradictory consumer demands for cheap food with complete traceability and the need to reduce the environmental impact of production and social impact of over consumption. Taken together, these forces point to opportunities for investment, entrepreneurship and the need for strategic agility. In this module we will meet with leaders who are navigating these changes.

Programme objectives

1.    To take the leaders perspective on changemaking in global food and agribusiness.

2.    Acquire a new and comprehensive understanding of the strategy issues facing the global food and drink industry and understand how these are driving changes in company strategy and national policy.

3.    Contribute further to the creation of a community of thought and sharing on the topic of food and agriculture within GNAM."