CEO’s Agenda – towards climate action

CEO’s Agenda – towards climate action: In the face of climate challenges, what sets a business leader apart is to respond to climate change by being solution-based, through active engagement with all investors. The CEO’s agenda today is crystal clear – talk less and act towards climate adaptation and demonstrate resilience at all levels. Goal setting and communication comes first, with an information overload on the topic of ESG. How can CEOs develop their organizational goals aligned to the country that they operate in. How can they understand and derive acceptance of this across their value chain for developing Scope 3 and 4 constructs? Is ESG a business risk to be managed or a conversation for growth? What are the dimensions of growth taking place already in the industry with implementation of ESG factors? Finally, how does the cascading of the ESG agenda within the organization take place? These are some of the questions that we will strive to gather information about, throughout this course. Pre-requisites, if any: Have a basic understanding of why Climate change is being discussed in a management context.

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