Business Growth through Entrepreneurial Acquisition (Monterrey Campus)

When thinking about entrepreneurship often is perceived as starting a business from scratch; however, other entrepreneurial models are less risky and more rewarding. Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) is an alternative way to become an entrepreneur by acquiring and growing an existing business. ETA often is pursued by professionals after gaining managerial and operational experience and access to the relevant network. In this framework, a Search Fund Manager forms an investment vehicle with a group of investors, some of whom become mentors, to find, acquire and run a private company to later sell it and distribute the value created. The Search Funds offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to become CEOs of companies where they will have a stake in the social capital. For investors, a search fund can provide attractive returns.

In recent studies, Mexico appears to be the second country with several search funds (around 20) above Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Israel, among others.

The week will cover the foundations of acquisition entrepreneurship, its benefits, and challenges, how to identify target companies and value them, how to interact with potential investors, and having a broad knowledge of the business reality of Mexico and the rest of LATAM.


The module will be delivered on the EGADE Monterrey Campus (in Monterrey, NL, Mexico)