The Art of Fundraising, How to Get Backed in an Uncertain World

Evan Baehr in his book Get Backed starts with an crucial paragraph: “Launching the venture of your dreams takes more hustle, more failure, and significantly more resources than a lot of people can stomach. Yet, talk to any entrepreneurs who’ve been through it and they will tell you one thing: it’s worth it.” Using his words, the purpose of this course is to demystify one of the most intimidating parts of launching a venture: raising money.
Through this course, participants will learn a methodology to develop business and social opportunities through identifying your customer correctly, including problems and needs (customer discovery). The key to fundraising is creating value, participants will learn how to identify and describe their venture values.
An elementary component for successful fundraising is knowing how to tell stories. Narrative and non-verbal communication must have a balance to communicate effectively, therefore, in this course, students will improve two important skills: intuition and visual thinking to communicate effectively.
This course will focus basically in learning how to clearly identify customer´s needs and markets, as well as using the right documents and presentations to address potential investors in different stages including the final pitch to deliver a strong message.  
The course includes time to practice, we call it hands-on exercises so that the participants practice techniques learned.