AI Strategy

If you wanted to boil down 2023 to one concept, it would have to be generative artificial intelligence (AI). Few of us can remember a technology that has swept through the business community with such speed and impact. As AI reshapes the strategic landscape, understanding its implications becomes crucial for business leaders. Every business will need to develop effective approaches to incorporating AI into their processes and strategy. 

Tailored to globally responsible MBA candidates, this course is ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of AI's strategic applications. It is particularly beneficial for future leaders seeking to harness AI for innovation and efficiency whilst also grappling with the ethical dimensions of digital transformation.  

This AI Strategy course offers an in-depth exploration of how AI influences decision-making and strategic planning, focusing on its role in enhancing prediction accuracy and thereby driving sustainable value creation.  

Throughout this intensive course, participants will gain insights into AI's capacity to transform business operations and address complex challenges, preparing them to navigate effectively in an increasingly AI-augmented landscape and future trends.