Agile Leadership

ESMT Berlin Germany

Agile leadership is much more than inspiring people to become fast and flexible. Speed and flexibility matter, but their value gets realized only in a broader organizational context. Agile leadership, for us, is about creating that context. Consider, for instance, the demands facing a top collegiate basketball coach. In addition to helping her players become as quick and nimble as possible, she must enable them to innovate and implement together, as a team. She must create a context in which they improvise under pressure, while maintaining sure footing on known strengths. And she must achieve this in a competitive arena that's fraught with ambiguity. Agile leadership is empowering people to innovate and implement - together, fast, and flexibly - in the face of ambiguity.

Faculty: Prof. Matthew Bothner

Course Date & Time

It is mostly asynchronous, with live sessions on Oct 12, 3 - 4 pm CET; Nov 9, 3 - 7 pm CET; and Nov 30, 3 - 7 pm CET