Agile Leadership

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Agile leadership is much more than inspiring people to become fast and flexible. Speed and flexibility matter, but their value gets realized only in a broader organizational context. Agile leadership, for us, is about creating that context. Consider, for instance, the demands facing a top collegiate basketball coach. In addition to helping her players become as quick and nimble as possible, she must enable them to innovate and implement together, as a team. She must create a context in which they improvise under pressure, while maintaining sure footing on known strengths. And she must achieve this in a competitive arena that's fraught with ambiguity. Agile leadership is empowering people to innovate and implement - together, fast, and flexibly - in the face of ambiguity.

Faculty: Prof. Matthew Bothner

Course Date & Time

For 2021

The first of two live (e.g., Zoom) sessions will be the week of October 25, the second will be the week of November 29. No class the week of Dec. 6. Each live session is approximately 3.75 hours of contact time, excluding breaks, with a likely start time at 15:00 and end time at 19:00 (Berlin time)


For 2022

*all times are Berlin time

Students are expected to keep up with weekly assignments from January 10 through March 27. The first of two live Zoom sessions will be February 10 (15:00 - 19:00), and the second will be on March 3 (15:00 - 19:00).

No class the week of March 14 - 20.