The Global Network for Advanced Management Investment Competition, hosted by the Yale School of Management, is a one-of-a-kind contest dedicated to equity investments sourced from top business students around the globe. Student teams from Global Network schools submit five investment ideas from the country in which they attend school for a chance to win cash prizes.

Two separate awards will be given. One is for the best investment thesis, judged through written reports and a live, virtual stock-pitch competition, and the other for the top performing portfolios. Each team’s portfolio performance is measured net of the respective local index over a six-month period, ending April 30, 2020.

The winning teams for both the stock pitch and the performance competitions will be awarded $3,500, and the runners up will be awarded $1,500.

About the Global Network for Advanced Management

Launched in 2012, the Global Network for Advanced Management includes 30 leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development. A common motivation of member schools to connect is to position their students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituencies so that they can deepen their understanding of differences and commonalities in their economies and increase their effectiveness. Member schools recognize that leaders in all sectors will be asked to contribute to the solutions of major problems that are typically complex and global.

Representing a shift beyond traditional partnership models of business school collaboration, the Global Network enables the development of innovative initiatives that leverage the schools’ comparative advantages. Leveraging network efficiencies, utilizing new technologies, building strong institutional and personal relationships, and operating with a minimum of bureaucracy, the Global Network is having a transformational effect on students, member schools, management education, and beyond. 

The Global Network’s stated mission is to drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders. For more information about the Global Network for Advanced Management, please visit our website: http://advancedmanagement.net/

About the International Center for Finance

The International Center for Finance (ICF) at Yale School of Management supports the creation of new knowledge in finance and disseminates it in many different forms to the world’s academic and professional communities. The Center provides data, technology and staff support for financial research. It organizes conferences that bring together researchers, professionals and students to exchange ideas about the role of finance in society, broadly defined. The Center develops and supports opportunities for Yale students and faculty to engage with key practitioners and thought leaders in the world of finance. For more information on The International Center for Finance, please visit our website: http://som.yale.edu/faculty-research/centers-initiatives/international-center-for-finance