Personalized Journey

The Certificate of Excellence in Global Business has a flexible framework at its foundation,  with a curriculum crafted to fit your personal and professional goals and interests. You’ll complete a combination of executive education programs that help you achieve your professional and personal goals as a global leader, and deliver a capstone project that gives you the chance to put your classroom learning into practice and make an immediate impact on your organization.

Personalized Journey


Complete at least 15 program days (usually three to five programs) and a capstone project within two years. Select from more than 150 executive programs at 20 member schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management. 


A truly global experience, with courses at at least three schools in at least two countries. 


Work with a certificate team member to craft a learning path that helps you achieve your unique professional and learning goals. Revise your curriculum in real time over two years as you discover new areas of interests and  new programs become available.  


The capstone project is the culminating assignment in the certificate program, an opportunity to apply your program learning to your current business environment through a project you design. Our team will help you select a faculty member at a participating Global Network school to oversee your capstone project, providing support and coaching. After your project is complete, you’ll give a short presentation to a panel of experts from three Global Network schools.


On completion of your coursework and capstone project, you’ll receive a Certificate of Excellence in Global Business, signed by the chairman of the Global Network for Advanced Management, Dean Edward A. Snyder. Along the way, you’ll receive a certificate from each school where you complete a course.