Student Ambassadors

Student leaders on the campuses of each member school help initiate new programs and drive student engagement. They play a critical role in making the Global Network a valuable resource for every participant.

The Global Network for Advanced Management is proving it can be a tremendous resource, but to shape the next stage of the network, we want to engage our students even more.  Each school has appointed a student ambassador who will work with their own student communities and student ambassadors at other Global Network schools to identify new opportunities and shape existing initiatives.

Together the ambassadors will work with students and ambassadors from other Global Network schools to develop student-led initiatives for the Network and facilitate student-to-student communication across the network.

When asked what they would like to see happen with the Global Network, our ambassadors responded, “greater student-to-student interaction between schools’ student clubs and special interest groups,” “more students taking part in Global Network Weeks,” “more sharing of best practices across member schools,” and for “member schools to become more integrated and connected.”

Meet the Global Network Ambassadors