Sample Programs

The Certificate of Global Excellence program is bespoke to you. Depending on your goals, select the schools, topics, and courses that best fit your needs. How do you want to grow? What are you hoping to achieve? When you register for the Global Certificate program, the curriculum, including the capstone project, is designed to fit your learning needs.

Below are a few examples of how this certificate can be customized.

General Management

A functional manager in a large and growing company is seeking to complement her high-performance with a firm foundation in effective leadership, understanding drivers affecting business, and building confidence for her future endeavors working with clients on a global scale.

Managing Technology

A mid-level manager in a medium-sized corporation is helping his company to incorporate more technology throughout all facets of the business.

Learning goals: develop leadership capabilities aimed at shaping strategic direction and maximizing digital investments.


A Human Resources director at an expanding mid-sized company is opening offices in several new cities across the globe.

Learning interests: talent management, intercultural communication, happiness at work, best practices, change management, coaching, and outsourcing for talents.


A project manager for a small to medium-sized company has the ability to make a large impact and influence the direction of the company’s growth. He wants to move the business forward to reach the international market, boost its competitiveness, and foster sustainable growth.

Learning goals: greater insight regarding product development, people development, business models, and innovation.


The Director of Finance at a French multinational corporation has been asked to lead the launch of a new office. She seeks to increase her global mindset, understanding of Asian markets, and ability to influence senior management.